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Take a look at how the wedding cake originated

Serving wedding cake is a tradition that truly seems as old as time itself – and truth be told, it may have been around for far longer than many people imagine. What is the history behind this sweet treat at weddings, and how has it come so far? We have gathered some interesting bits of information you most likely did not know about the history of wedding cakes – so read on and find out more.

  • The first wedding “cakes” are recorded as early as the Ancient Roman times. Although the cakes used back then were made from just wheat or barley, it is considered that even back then, they were an important part of the wedding. The cake was broken over the head of the bride, and the bride, groom and guests would eat the crumbs for good luck. What’s more, they were also served with a mix known as “confetto”, which consisted of dried fruit, nuts and honeyed almonds.
  • The tradition of the confetto continued far into the second millennium as well. By the 17th century, in England, the first actually intricate wedding cakes were being created. These cakes were stashed and had different fillings, but they were not necessarily sweet. However, in many parts of England (e.g. the Yorkshire county), they were an almost crucial part of a wedding. Furthermore, the tradition of breaking the cake over the bride’s head seems to have been borrowed by 17th century England as well.
  • Slowly, but steadily, the wedding cake grew to be what we know today. From double-cakes in the 17th century (one for the bride, one for the groom) to extremely complex designs in the 21st century, the history of weddings’ favorite treats has been surprising, delicious and truly beautiful.

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